Obligatory First Post

Shallow Focus of Clear Hourglass by Jordan Benton
Public Domain Image of a Goat Pouring Beer from Library Of Congress

Before I get started, I just want to say that I’d planned to do this a long time ago, and already had a notepad file full of rough notes that I’d planned to turn into a few posts. The notes were mostly about the research I’d done so far about homebrewing and various rants of what pissed me off during the process.

When I went looking for said notepad file this month, I couldn’t find it anywhere. It frustrated me more than the research did, and I wanted to do a RageQuit. I mostly forgot everything I’d already learned too.

It definitely kept me from doing anything for an additional week, because I was so pissed off about having to completely start over without those notes.

I wasn’t interested in homebrewing, until I acquired some equipment (See How I Got Started with Homebrewing (Pt. 1) and How I Got Started with Homebrewing (Pt. 2) if you care). My husband (let’s call him “J”) encouraged me to start a blog do document it all. I was like, “who’s going to want to read that?” but he wore me down (lol), and he set up this site for me (because he’s awesome).

Now that that’s out of the way, I guess I can get started.