I’d found a kit at a Thrift Store

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(Or, Part 2 of How I Got Started with Homebrewing)

I’d once spotted a kit at TSC, while buying a bird seed bucket that I was going to use as an outdoor garbage can. It was on clearance for $50, but that wasn’t convincing enough to make me buy it.

Then, one magical day, I stepped into a Value Village, and there it was, sitting amongst the furniture items. The kit that started this whole painful project.

It was a small-scale 1 Gallon (3.8 L) kit, priced at $7.99. I read the side panel, which claimed that you can brew beer even in a tiny kitchen (I thought, “that’s what I have, maybe I can actually do this”). Space had definitely been a barrier for me. It also convinced me I only needed that kit and a few items already in my kitchen for this small batch operation (7-L stockpot, strainer, funnel). It said the steps were simple and if you can make porridge, you can make beer.

small beer kit

Yeah, they really fooled me into thinking this could be easy, didn’t they!
(Seriously though, I still think it’s a good kit, I’m glad I bought it, and I love their principles.)

I obviously assumed that any ingredients included in the box were expired (and I checked the expiration date, which confirmed that suspicion). However, the equipment and tools were certainly worth more than the thrift store price of $7.99. I checked that they were there and intact, like you do in a thrift store. The ingredients weren’t a huge loss to me, because the recipe was for an IPA (ew).

BTW, this was around March 2019 (so it’s taken me 2 years to even get close to doing an actual homebrew).

Satisfied with the value, I started to actually believe I could do this economically and even got a little excited. (Don’t worry, this phase was short-lived).