The Running Tally of my homebrew hobby costs to date

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Here’s a table…

First 1-Gallon kit $7.99
How to Brew book $28.00
5-Gallon pot$75.00
SFBC – Alex Mack Blonde Ale – 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe Kit$23.95
5 Star Star San – 4oz$7.95
Triple Scale Hydrometer$6.95
10” Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar$5.99
Dextrose – 1lb$2.50
Muslin Grain Bags – 3$3.75
Longer Siphon Hose $4.75
SFBC – Oisin’s Irish Red – 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe Kit$29.50
Grain Bags – 4$5.00
Fermtech 3/8″ Auto-Siphon (b/ fuck regular siphoning)$14.95
3/8″ Siphon Hose for Auto-Siphon$6.50
Bottle Brush (not sure whether to include this, b/ needed this anyways)$3.55
Current Total:$226.33

Given to me by friends and family: a couple 5-Gallon carboys, a couple stoppers, a bunch of pails and lids, and flip-top bottles…