Joy-Killing Research

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So, I might have been able to do this way earlier if I’d just ordered another 1-Gallon yield recipe to suit the equipment I’d acquired for the small-batch operation.

But I’m stubborn.

A replacement recipe kit (a mix) from the same company was reasonably priced (approx $16), but the shipping was atrocious (think over $40). I didn’t want to be beholden to continuously buying kits anyway

I liked the kit’s ideals of real ingredients. I liked the idea of going back to a tradition of when people just did brewing at home and it was as normal as baking bread.

That was partly why I just wanted to be able to use a recipe, get the ingredients, and then make it.

Of course, it’s (apparently) not that simple.

I spent a lot of time trying to find and adapt brewing recipes (most of which I struggled to even understand). Most recipes are for 5-Gallon or 3-Gallon yield, certainly not 1-Gallon. Long story short, I’d found one, single promising recipe that was simple and traditional. Of course, I can’t find it now.