Update: Fermenting Blonde Ale

Stock photo by Michel Meuleman

… at least, I hope it’s fermenting, and not just farming mold.

Quick update to follow the previous homebrew post (five-fucking-gallons of SFBC “Alex Mack” Blonde Ale).

Because there was so much room from the top (because I spilled some on the floor), I didn’t expect to see any bubbling in the airlock / blow-off hose. That prediction was correct, but I did notice a bit of condensation in the airlock. (PS, I know that I did that whole airlock thing wrong. Oh well…)

Three days later, having no idea what kind of party was happening in there (was it jumpin’ or kinda lame?), I wanted to take a wee peek. I guess I’m really not supposed to do that, but people told me it would probably be fine.

3 day fermenting

So, I carefully lifted up the airlock to peer inside the hole.

It looks fucking disgusting, but I’d prepared myself to look into the abyss once again.

fridge magnet thermometer

I did read the r/Homebrewing FAQ and the part about whether a batch is infected. It doesn’t really say if that green shit is normal. I guess I’ll see how it looks and smells on “bottling day”.

I mean, even in my last post, I figured there’s a good chance that this may not be drinkable, lol.

I also don’t know how uber-important is it to have an even temperature in the room. It’s mostly been in the right range, but sometimes it swings up as high as 77 F, for example.

Bottling day is supposed to be Sunday (March 28)… time flies when you’ve got five-fucking-gallons of fermenting wort under the kitchen table.

I also plan to do a scaled-down version of Oisin’s Irish Red shortly.