Drinking Homebrew #2 (Oisin’s Red)

Oisin's Red Ale

I was optimistic that Oisin would turn out well, and it looks like it the optimism was well-founded. I really am pleased with the resulting beer.

As I describe in my Untappd check-in, it has nice character and balance. J said it had a really good mouth-feel and “perfect carbonation”. Good, not-bitter, aftertaste (although the flavour has some bitterness). The colour is a nice, dark mahogany.

I’d say, definitely better than the last one.

It still has that “homebrew” smell and initial taste… could be all in my head. I don’t even know how to properly describe it…

I tasted the beer from the “Yeast Ahoy” growler, and I thought it was pretty disgusting (too much yeast that possibly re-fermented the beer?)

Oisin volcanos

Like last time, I think there’s some variation in quality from bottle to bottle. I think some yeast (or more yeast) accidentally got into some of the larger bottles / growlers; upon opening, they foamed over… like a volcano of frothy suds and yeast. (I did not tap or bonk these bottles either). It was a bit gross.

Top View of Volcano Erupting during Daytime

Good thing I opened those over the sink. After letting them settle, I tried to pour those carefully, keeping the yeast at the bottom of the bottle.


So, the recipe projected an ABV of 4.6%… with goals of OG 1.046 and FG 1.010.

This brew had OG 1.040 and consistent FG of 1.010. That should make this brew 3.8%, I think.

Quick stats

  • OG – 1.040
  • FG – 1.010
  • ABV – 3.8%
  • Actual Fermentation Temp – 22 C (probably)
  • Actual yield – 11.34 L
  • Approx cost per pint – $1.69