Plans for a Higher-Heat Homebrew

Photo by Alex Azabache from Pexels

With summer approaching, I began plans for a Higher-Heat Homebrew (HHH), aka, TRIPLE H!

My house can get sweltering in the summer. The kitchen can be hotter than outside, and keep the heat in.

This will be even more relevant later

As mentioned with Homebrew #2, I can somewhat control the temperature in the living room, which has air conditioning. That said, I don’t want to run the AC at 20 C or lower… I’d freeze my bits off in here.

First thing I did was look for a yeast with a higher (recommended) fermentation temperature, something I could keep at 22 C at least.

I settled on Safale K-97, which can tolerate and ferment well at around 22 C.

Maybe I should’ve picked Kveik yeast, which can tolerate much higher temps, and I don’t know why I didn’t (maybe I didn’t see it on the online store at the time).

Next, I did a search for a recipe on Brewer’s Friend, using this yeast as search criteria.

Eventually, I settled on “To Helles and Bock“. This was to be Homebrew #3, and the first one without a “kit”.

I found and ordered most of the ingredients in the recipe. In total, I spent $56.68 on this recipe’s ingredients. I did have to make one substitution: I didn’t see Briess Munich LME, so I got Briess Sparkling Amber LME instead. Close enough? Maybe? We’ll find out, lol…